Where to Ride: Lakebluff Brewing Company

Here's a basic guide to get to the brewpub from Lincoln Square, I left out all the tiny little turns that Google likes to do to confuse people.

From the shop head west on Lawrence Ave for a little less than a half mile and take a right on Talman Ave just after Nhu Lan bakery.  Once you reach Argyle St at the T, take a left and go about 7 blocks until you cross Francisco Ave and immediately take a right onto the North Shore Channel Trail. Stay on the trail with the river to your left until you get to what appears to be the end of the trail. Make a U-turn to head south on Kedzie Ave until you reach Lincoln Ave and head west walking your bike across the river. When you cross the river immediately take a right back on to the bike path.

Stay on the path with the river to your right for about 5 miles until you reach Emerson St. (which immediately becomes Golf Rd.) then take a left to cross McCormick Blvd. You'll then make the next right onto Mcdaniel Ave. Stay on Mcdaniel for a little less than 2 miles until you get to Linden Ave. Take a right to cross Greenbay Rd and the railroad tracks and take a left on Poplar Dr. just after the tracks. After about a block you'll use the crosswalk to cross Wilmette Ave and enter the Greenbay Trail. It will weave through some parking lots then follow the train line until it gets to Richmond. Take a left on Richmond Rd and then a right on Kenilworth Ave. Go 2 blocks to Abbotsford Rd and take a left. Go about 2 blocks to Ivy Ct and take a left. At the end of the street the Green Bay Trail will loop up around to the right, get on it and follow it north keeping the train line just to your left. Stay on the trail for a little more than 3 miles and once you come to South Ave you start to follow the Old Green Bay Rd. for about a quarter of a mile. You'll then re-enter the trail at a dead end and cross Hazel Ave. The trail then follows the along the Old Green Bay Rd and the Metra train line for a few miles and is paved for only short sections. Once you reach Lake Cook Rd the trail will turn into the Robert McClory Bike Path.  It will become St John's Ave for a short section then go back to the path. When you reach Lincoln Ave W take a right then a quick left onto St Johns Ave which will turn into Sheridan Rd and back to St Johns Ave a few times. When you get to Walker Ave you'll get back on the Robert McClory Bike Path. It will generally follow along Sheridan Rd and the Metra line for a long while. You then see the Lake Bluff Metra Station on your left and to your right will be Scranton Ave. About a half block up will be The Lake Bluff Brewing company. Two doors down is a deli-like place called Wisma which is worth checking out as well.

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